LAG Loka's mountains

The area of Local action group Loka’s Mountains is composed of four municipalities, Municipality of Gorenja vas – Poljane, Škofja Loka, Železniki in Žiri. All four municipality together have 41.871 inhabitants and cover area of 512,20 km2. We implement different development projects by including various stakeholders in the region.

LAG Loka’s Mountains is situated in central North-West part of Slovenia and is running one of the Community Led Local Development programmes. In Slovenia there is currently 37 Local Action Groups and each has its own Local Development Strategy. The Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is an upgrade of the so far known LEADER approach, which proved at EU level as a successful method of development and project implementation. The bottom-up approach allows the local population to actively decide on the priorities and development goals of the local area, through the creation of local partnerships of the so-called local action groups (LAGs), including funding sources for achieving the objectives of the local area.

Members of LAG Loka’s Mountains award grants to projects that support delivery of Local Development Strategy. We strive for involvement of different stakeholder, from public and non-profit as well as from private sector. On a daily basis we are trying to provide up to date information and help with the implementation of awarded projects. The grants that we allocate are financed by European Regional Development Fund and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

In our Local Development Strategy, we defined most important goals for our area:

– create sustainable employment opportunities,

– develop new innovative products and services,

– improve food security with local products,

– improve access to services for rural population,

– protect and preserve environment and nature,

– improve quality and increase the number of services for vulnerable groups.

The purpose of CLLD is to promote a holistic and balanced development of local areas with a bottom-up approach taking into account endogenous development potentials and capabilities, in particular strengthening social capital by actively involving the population in joint planning and decision-making in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity and participatory democracy.

The CLLD aims to promote social inclusion, combating poverty and any discrimination, reducing regional developmental disparities and promoting economic development of the areas. In addition, the goal is to contribute to the preservation of nature, the protection of the environment, the cultural heritage, the cultural landscape and its elements.

The CLLD enables the local population to interconnect with the LAGs and actively decide on the priorities and development objectives of the local area through them, including funding sources to achieve the objectives of the local area. To this end, the LAG prepares and implements a Local Development Strategy based on the social, environmental and economic benefits and endogenous development potentials of the area. This approach enables tackling of a wide range of challenges in different environments, greater flexibility in achieving goals and answers to the actual needs of the local area.

The Local Action Group Loka’s Mountains is responsible for the content on the LAG’s website. It is represented by the leading partner Development Agency Sora, l.t.d. The Managing Authority for the implementation of Rural Development Program of Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2020 is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.